Gui Zhi Jia Da Huang Tang 桂枝加大黄汤


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GuiZhi 9g, ShaoYao 18g, GanJiang 9g, DaZao 12g, ZhiGanCao 6g, DaHuang 6g
Cassia Twig 9g
White Peony Root 19g
Zingiber, Dried Ginger 9g
Chinese Date 12g
Liquorice Root Prepared 6g
Rhubarb 6g

Preparation (decoction) of Materia Medica

  1. Use of the following types of heat-resistant containers (pan,pot) for decoction: enamel, glass, stainless steel.
  2. Preparation (decoction): in general, one pack of the herbs(materia medica) is for one day’s use. Place the herbs in the chosen pan or pot and add enough cold water that the herbs are just submerged under the water. Cook, or simmer, the herbs for 30 minutes. Pour off the liquid (circa 150 ml), add water once again as above, and repeat the procedure for 20 minutes. Pour off the liquid again, and mix it together with the liquid obtained from the first decoction. Drink half the liquid in the morning, and the second half in the evening, half an hour after meals.
【组成】桂枝9克  大黄6克  芍药18克 生姜9克(切) 甘草6克(炙) 大枣3枚(擘)
(1)治法 轻者温通益脾,活血和络。
(1)治法 重者通阳益脾,活血和络,泻实导滞。
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